Your Guide to Cheap Hotel Rates Honolulu

If you are seeking cheap hotel rates Honolulu then you had better know where to look. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all the world and therefore can be quite expensive for the uninformed. But for those in the know, like you dear reader, we list some great hotels along with their reservation rates that you can take advantage of, especially if you’re on a budget.

Honolulu, Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It is located on the southeastern shore on the island of Oahu and has a population of just over 900,000 people according to the 2000 census. Honolulu means “sheltered bay” or “place of shelter.” The very name in fact, inspires comfort… wouldn’t you agree?

The climate is absolutely spectacular and the average high temperatures hover between 80°- 89° and the lows range between 65° – 75° and vary little from month-to-month. Rain occurs primarily in the winter months between October and March with very little rain falling in the summer months.

Popular Oahu tourist attractions incude:

* Ala Moana
* Aloha Tower
* Bishop Museum
* Diamond Head
* Hanauma Bay
* Honolulu Academy of Arts
* Iolani Palace
* Lyon Arboretum
* National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
* USS Arizona Memorial
* Waikiki Aquarium
* Waikiki Beach

Finding cheap hotel rates in Honolulu is really just a matter of doing your homework. And we in fact, have done quite a bit for you right here. The following  Honolulu hotels all offer clean and comfortable rooms with the amenities you have come to expect at affordable prices.

Of course, we try to be as accurate as we possibly can for reservation rates can and do change without notice so please keep that in mind. We suggest you use the following list of hotels as a guide for finding affordable lodging in Honolulu.

# Pacific Beach Hotel – Rooms from $99.95
# Pagoda Hotel – Rooms from $69.95
# Ocean Resort Hotel Waikiki – Rooms from $59.95
# Ohana Waikiki West – Rooms from $75.95
# Ohana Waikiki Tower – Rooms from $79.95
# Ohana Waikiki Village – Rooms from $75.95
# Aston Waikiki Beachside – Rooms from $88.95
# Miramar At Waikiki – Rooms from $85.95
# Ohana Islander Waikiki – Rooms from $89.95
# Doubletree Alana Waikiki – Rooms from $90.95
# Ohana East – Rooms from $89.95
# Ohana Reef Lanai – Rooms from $95.95
# Park Shore Waikiki – Rooms from $99.95
# Ohana Waikiki Malia – Rooms from $75.95
# Aston Pacific Monarch – Rooms from $97.95
# Aston Waikiki Joy – Rooms from $89.95
# Ohana Waikiki Surf East – Rooms from $69.95
# Hawaii Polo Inn – Rooms from $62.95
# Castle Waikiki Terrace – Rooms from $59.95
# Queen Kapiolani – Rooms from $55.95
# Aston Waikiki Grand Hotel – Rooms from $52.95
# Aqua Marina Hotel – Rooms from $45.95
# Continental Surf Hotel – Rooms from $49.95
# Aston Coconut Plaza – Rooms from $63.95
# Aston Waikiki Circle Hotel – Rooms from $95.95
# Ohana Reef Towers – Rooms from $75.95
# Ohana Waikiki Surf – Rooms from $65.95
# Ohana Surf Best Western – Rooms from $69.95
# Ohana Royal Islander – Rooms from $69.95
# Kuhio Village Resort – Rooms from $49.95
# Hawaiian Monarch Hotel – Rooms from $59.95
# Aston Coral Reef – Rooms from $75.95

It is advised that you go online to check out specific rates, details about the hotels and dates of availability. As with any tourist destination there are peak travel times and seasons that are more expensive than others so please take that into consideration.

Another way to find cheap hotel rates Honolulu is to book your trip as a package that includes your airline tickets along with your hotel reservations. Package travel deals are an excellent way to save money and unless you are taking a boat to Hawaii, you are going to have to have plane tickets anyway so you may as well look into it.

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