If you’re traveling overseas, chances are that you are concerned about falling ill at the destination. Atlas travel insurance offers a short-term plan to put to rest just that concern, with a plan that is geared toward those traveling for pleasure, business, and study.

Most of the Atlas international travel insurance plan benefits are medical, and cover a wide range: right from getting to the hospital (ambulance costs), getting treated (outpatient charges) and treatment at the hospital (hospitalization and indemnity benefits). Physical treatmanr is also covered, as are emergency dental procedures. The plan covers the cost of medical evacuation in case of a life-threatening situation, and on purchase of an additional sports rider, even conditions arising from performing risky sports.

Seniors are often uninsured or under insured simply because of the clauses that exclude pre-existing conditions from the plan. If a person under 70 suffers a serious recurrence of a previously existing condition that requires hospitalization, the travel insurance plan covers the medical and evacuation costs. Also, if a covered minor will be left alone when the insured is hospitalized, the plan includes the cost of sending the minor home.

Apart from general medical expenses, the plan also covers costs borne due to natural disasters, both while traveling (for accommodation), and at home. In case the disaster results in damage of the home of the insured, the plan covers his/her immediate travel home. The Atlas travel health insurance plan also covers return in case of political chaos and evacuation, and injuries resulting from terrorist attacks. The plan also covers the cost of sending the remains home, in case the insured dies overseas.

The Atlas travel medical insurance plan provides coverage in the home country with optional 30-day coverage after the plan holder returns home. Additional trips home during the plan period are also covered for up to 15 days in a 3-month period.

Other benefits of the travel insurance plan include help with lost baggage or travel documents, and identifying and working with doctors and lawyers if necessary. The insured does not have to worry about payment if the insured is treated by a PPO network doctor or hospital—the entire sum is covered (after the deductible).

Applicants to the Atlas international travel insurance plan must be at least 14 days old. Plans can be for a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 12 months, with options for extension. An Web-based client zone helps plan holders work with and perform tasks associated with the plan. Round-the-clock, round-the-world customer service is available through toll-free phone numbers.

The minimum coverage of the Atlas international travel insurance plan is $50,000 and the maximum is $1,000,000. Different premium slabs are available, depending on the coverage requested, the applicant’s age, and whether the risky sports coverage is opted for.

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